While attending a workshop in Turkey, we were asked to create a new navigation route for the city, a different way of discovering the place, one that would show the visitor its unique and best qualities.
The sounds and noises of Istanbul and its loudness seemed its most characteristic feature, and cassette tapes are still widely used, and home-made illegal compilations sold everywhere around.
We bought a cheap tape recorder from a market stall, our route designed itself by following the loudest spots in town, and we edited the sound clips on a double deck after our collection was complete.
Istanbul is one of the few places where having 100 copies of a tape produced overnight is not a problem. The guys at the music shop designed the cover for us, using the track names we provided.
During the workshop presentations, we sold the tapes at the entrance of the Lecture Hall, in the loud manner we had seen all over town.
With Tunç Topçuoglu and Ludvig Gustafsson, initiated by Linda van Deursen